So like I totally rocked that song, right? Santana said I looked smokin’ but I don’t know what she meant by that, I didn’t see any smoke, I mean yeah sure some of the world was black and white there for a second but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t smoke. I realize I haven’t spoken much lately, it’s just that my throats a little sore from a lot of shouting I’ve been doing recently, but Santana says that’s private, I don’t know what her problem is really, what’s the harm in telling people I yell her name really loud sometimes? I was totally wrapping some Christmas gifts for my sister earlier but I kept getting the tape stuck to my fingers, so I texted Santana saying I needed help with scissoring and that my fingers were sticky, she was at my house pretty fast after that text. She looked pretty sad when she seen me trying to wrap gifts on my bed, wearing my unicorn hat that I made. I dunno why really. Anyway, she helped me wrap them because she’s so sweet and cute and not many people know that. Santana said she had other scissoring in mind, and I totally thought she was like going to cut her hair, she stormed out my room after that saying she needed a smoke - again with the smoke. I think she’s mad at me.